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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I was starting to feel useless, but at least there is hope in the world.

Because my idea is that I can help others by creating jobs to help the environment, I have lately been doing several Google and Youtube searches for plastic waste articles and technological solutions. Luckily for the world, there is several actors trying to tackle the problem. I have come across many very interesting projects. Hopefully the more hands there is, the better the result will be (this being real action done and not ideal plans set out...). 

As a result of the UN World Habitat Conference in Oslo on October 3rd, I came across this group of people trying to tackle the garbage problem in Nairobi. Their idea is the very same that I have; The only way to get rid of the waste that fills up the cities, is to make jobs out of clearing it.  

I have also been looking for technology that could be used in order to complete the recycling process in place. This man has created an incredible machine which he hopes will be an essential part of every Japanese kitchen.

I am also starting to wonder if creating a set and stable base is the best way to really tackle the plastic problem.

This article displays a few of the world´s coastal areas who are affected by the constant dumping of waste from everywhere in the world. I am wondering if I should rather have a mobile machine that I could move around to several areas in the world, to tackle the problem little by little. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I want to base my research on the opening of a factory that recycles plastic. This implies that the research project is done under the theoretical field of Action Research. Defined mostly in the USA as; 'the systematic collection of information that is designed to bring about social change, where the practitioner is actively involved in the cause for which the research is conducted.' (
I believe that by creating a recycling system based on the Norwegian model of recycling soda bottles, where you get cash in return for the bottles you give in, I will be able to create jobs for some “challenged” individuals in Mumbai, India, the city that has one of the largest slums in Asia.
During this research project I want to evaluate articles and research already done within action research, but I also want to get a valid understanding of the industrial field I am heading into. In addition, because this is also a project that hopes to lead to development (at last on a small scale), I would also like to investigate previous projects that have already been done with the aims of creating development. One example of this is the “Soda Can Recycling System” in Brazil.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Research Questions
Would the implementation of a new sort of plastic recycling system, where people are co-owners of the factory and paid fare sums for handing in plastic waste; 1) Improve livelihoods, especially amongst the ultra poor, in a city like Mumbai, India? 2) Have an impact on the city’s urban image towards a more sustainable and ecological urban picture? Will it have an impact on the environmental factors of the city at all? 3) Function as a sustainable industry with an ideology of co-ownership?